Allan Savory

Allan Savory, Environmentalist [and NOT a denier of AGW]

He has said that the primary contributor to global warming is desertification rather than the consumption of fossil fuels and by regenerating habit through the re-introduction of the herd-predator type arrangement, we can do a lot to reduce global warming while improving the productivity land rendered useless.

The above is just one of many references that deniers attribute to be the opinion of Allan Savory- the above was randomly plucked from the internet.

Allan Savory is just the kind of expert deniers need, he is informed, intelligent and is an environmentalist. His wiki bio gives some background to his views and expertise.

Allan Savory does not deny AGW nor stated that desertification is the primary cause.  The issue derives from two different sources- in the first instance land use changes is recognised [even by the IPCC] to have an effect on climate change and this has been picked up on by some scientific deniers. In Allan Savory’s case his TED lecture was linked to by denier websites. His counter intuitive argument is that deserts need more cattle not less.

His arguments when taken completely within context have been criticised. This link is well worth reading. and you may want to read this for a fuller picture. For more research on the positive aspects  of Allan Savory’s approach search for ‘mob grazing’ which is a technique some farmers are adopting.


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