Stephen Wilde

Stephen Wilde F.R.Met.S. has been a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society since 1968. Except he is not a member.  see link. and here where he explains it, also list of ‘paper’.

Contributes to blogs. frequently re-quoted but no biography.  Used by the scientist Richard Duffy.

New Theory posted on WUWT in 2010 is imaginative. see here


  1. Stephen Wilde

    I have a letter from the Royal Meteorological Society confirming that I am entitled to use the term Fellow as a courtesy title due to my long standing membership.

    I am not entitled to use the term F.R. Met. S which was only used on one occasion in error by the publisher of my material.

    • Martin Lack

      Stephen, although you style yourself as “a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society since 1968”, you tend to obfuscate the fact that this was before professional qualifications became a mandatory pre-requisite for fellowship. Therefore, as much as you might like to pretend otherwise, you are not a professional meteorologist. You are, in fact, a fully-qualified and practicing solicitor who has pretty much always been ‘sceptical’ about anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD).

      As such, you are a regular contributor to the ‘sceptical’ US-based ‘Climate Realists’ (CR) website; and your postings rank amongst the most-popular on that website. Therefore, despite being widely cited as an expert, you are little more than an amateur observer who only looks at the minority of evidence capable of supporting your prejudical assumption that ACD is not happening.

      From a review of your CR postings, it is clear that:
      — You consider ACD to be an example of environmental alarmism; that the Sun is the cause of the changes we are seeing; and that therefore the ‘theory’ of ACD… “should now die” (Wilde 2008).
      — You suggest and/or believe that those who continue to claim ACD is cause for genuine concern are misguided and/or not being sufficiently rigorous to see the intellectual flaws in their own arguments (Wilde 2011).

      These are just two examples. However, the language you use tends to be emotive and prejudicial; and (E&OE) your work has never been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Furthermore, as a solicitor, it could be argued that you are no better qualified to pronounce on the subject of climate science than is an investigative journalist.

  2. RKS


    Temperatures declined from 1940 t0 1975 then rose a bit till 1997
    Co2 rising steadily and temperatures flatlining for the past 16 years.
    Out of the past 72 years temperatures rose a bit for just 22 years

    Let’s face it, temperatures rose to just 25C when CO2 was 7000ppm and also rose to 25C when CO2 was lower than now.

    The whole CO2 thing is unproven unscientific hypothesis.

  3. Daniel

    Congratulations, Martin Lack! You seem to have some semblance of science in that you allowed Stephen’ responses and the RKS guy’s succint skewering of the “climate disruption” hypothesis you are conforming to.
    Doesn’t it hurt to read truth and not censor it away?

    Stupid name BTW “climate disruption”. Guess you can’t call it global warming seeing as the globe is obviously not warming, eh?

  4. Daniel

    “Dismissing nearly all the data”

    We don’t dismiss the data… you do. You call it “adjustment” and you clutch at fictitious straws like missing heat being in the oceans when even the adjusted data is obviously disproving your BS. “ACD” is a pack of lies.

    “as being part of a political conspiracy”

    Promoted by the Club of Rome, working for the Rockefeller and Rothschild-led Elite, and the whole damned Elite-controlled System: mass media, political parties, academic “authority”, religion, etc. Easily verifiable by the honest. It would be truly sad if you actually believed “ACD” and were not just selling out for shillings.

    “and/or nearly all the scientists of being incompetent is not a valid opinion.”

    Appeal to authority and popularity much? Your inductive argument holds no merit in view of the deluge of historical lies and idiocy amongst the politically correct Establishment and their conformist slaves.

  5. See here:

    Where I am clearly listed as a ‘Fellow’.

    An apology from Martin would be appreciated.

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