Prof. Myron Wyn Evans

Prof Myron Wyn Evans is another Moncktonesque character although does have a Ph.D and Sc.D

A climate denialist who is a member of the pseudo science e-journal Principia Scientific International which produces a number of time wasting ‘science’ papers that claim CO2 is not a greenhouse gas. They also republished a 1970s paper that claims the sun has a neutron star rattling around inside -‘Iron Sun’ theory.

from his bio on Principia-

“In 2005 Professor Evans was appointed by the Crown and Parliament as Civil List Pensioner in recognition of distinguished service to Great Britain and the Commonwealth in science. He is a Civil List Scientist on the advice of the Prime Minister and is the only “pure chemist” ever to have been appointed to the List. Originator of the Einstein – Cartan – Evans (ECE) Unified Field Theory, the simplest and most complete theory to date which unites General Relativity with Quantum Mechanics using just 4 dimensions. His work on ECE is published in “Foundations of Physics Letters”, a leading journal in the fundamentals of physics.Professor Evans is Founder and Director of the Alpha Foundation’s Institute for Advanced Study (AIAS) and Nominee for a Nobel Science Prize. He has also been granted Letters Patent of Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms. “

Prof Atkins set up an  online petition       

We, the undersigned, call upon the Royal Society to withdraw any support or advice which may have led the monarch to award a Civil List pension to a scientist who persists in bringing that award and its symbolic meaning into disrepute, and indeed to press for the forfeiture of said award.

Behaviours deemed to bring such disrepute might include: promotion of known frauds such as ‘perpetual motion’, illegal promotion of quack cancer ‘cures’, the blatant misrepresentation of current scientific understanding and the misuse of legal means to suppress legitimate scientific criticism.

“promotion of known frauds such as ‘perpetual motion’………blatant misrepresentation of current scientific understanding…”  His self publicising website and ‘Institute’ found here promotes Myron Wyn Evans’ own Einstein Cartan Evans (ECE) theory, ECE would be useful as it would be a fabulous source of ‘free- um- perpetual’  energy. Associated websites describes a range of products being manufactured by the Alex Hill group for new energy, energy savings, counter gravitation, anti friction devices and so on. TheSearlSolutionWebsite of John Searl developing a magnetic machine that “structures” ambient energy into useable power.  They are well on the way to producing a production prototype designed to produce power on a useable scale. The ECE theory reminds me of a central of a plot by the ‘science’ fiction [fiction written by a scientist] Bill Napier- Revelation [2000- quite a few years before Evans’ theory]. (Evans’ self promoting web site is listed and there is only 1 scientist on the Civil List Pension out of 24)

Wikipedia has an entry for ECE which highlights the published theory in Physics Letters was criticised and the journal disassociated it self from it.  Those interested can read this website where someone tells him just how wrong his equations are.

As for climate change – it one big conspiracy, this from his blog that mainly deals with self publicity, & self importance [he was nominated for a Nobel prize- except it was supposed be kept quiet, and we can’t check as only the names of nominees upto 1956 are available] and how important ECE is/will be etc.

Evans opinion of climate science is occasional and found on his blog. his interest in the denier publisher Principia seems to be due to the lack of credibility of his ECE theory.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Thanks to Ioan ap Trefor , sometime Deputy Mayor of Swansea, for this document, which reveals the corruption inside IPCC. The climate is always changing, and I refer readers to the Norman Page blog in Texas for a scientific analysis of it. The Nobel Prize to Al Gore and IPCC was a mistake, and is not recognized by scientists. The experimental data give no support to the failed theory of global warming. In Wales this failed theory is used to eat up the environment. The People of Mawr recently threw out a wind turbine proposal, indicating to the whole of Wales that it should follow. Apathy is the greatest danger, if a determined and organized democratic resistance appears, combined with legal skills, the cynical, greed ridden multinationals will be defeated. I don’t care whether I am an “official” or “unofficial” advisor, I just advise, and these are scientific views which are listened to all over the world. We know this by seven years of daily monitoring of feedback, regularly summarized in an overview file on the blog or home page. Government departments all over the world regularly view the site, as well as all good universities.

Evans Glyn Eithrym
Civil List Pensioner

More from Myron wyn Evans at his blog

Wikipedia has an entry for his ECE theory that debunks it.


  1. Correction: the petition was set up by Aaron Vee, not Prof. Atkins

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