Roger Tattersall aka Tallbloke

Blogger main claim to fame is being the drop off for the ‘climategate’ emails which included a visit by the police concerning the cyber theft. However he did feel victimised leading to his acting solicitor to post a statement [12/18/2011]

Roger has been publicly libelled and abused across the world to the detriment of his reputation and has suffered distress, inconvenience and damage to property. The worst such offender appears to have been a contributor at ‘Scienceblogs’.

His privacy has been invaded and he and his family have been intimidated.

It is possible that treatment of that nature could be meted out to any persons expressing sceptical views about the so called climate consensus.

A clear signal needs to be sent out that such treatment is an abuse of process and a negation of free speech and democratic freedoms.

Which was reproduced by the kindly Delingpole in his Telegraph post it was issued by Stephen P R Wilde. LLB (Hons.), Solicitor.[and meteorologist!]

In Roger’s ‘About Me’ he says

I’m a qualified engineer and a graduate of the History and Philosophy of Science. I’m interested in finding out how the solar system works and how Earth is affected by changes in it.

Although his blog is mainly about AGW denial but he does a few long term weather predictions based on his new science.

Beliefs centre on CO2 GHG theory being all wrong and holds Ferenc Miskolczi as a hero.

Links concerning Tallbloke and the ‘climategate’ crime [theft of emails that is] are here and the Guardian.


  1. “Beliefs centre on CO2 GHG theory being all wrong”

    No they don’t. They centre on the need to correctly identify and assess the natural contributions to climate change in order to be in a position to discover what, if any, the effect of additional co2 is. There is a secondary focus on understanding the effect of co2 in the free atmosphere in combination with all the rest of the meteorological phenomena as opposed to the inside of a lab bell-jar.

    “However he did feel victimised ”

    No I didn’t. However I do question the legal validity of using anti-terrorism legislation to harass scientific researchers, sceptical bloggers or in fact anyone other than suspected terrorists.

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