Dr. David R. Legates

 Dr. David R. Legates (Climatologist) Delaware State Climatologist, Professor and director of the Center for Climatic Research at the University of Delaware.

“Scientific debate continues regarding the extent to which human activities contribute to global warming and what the potential impact on the environment might be. Importantly, much of the scientific evidence contradicts assertions that substantial global warming is likely to occur soon and that the predicted warming will harm the Earth’s biosphere.”

“Sea levels have been rising – in fact, they have been rising since the end of the last ice age 20,000 years ago – but there is no evidence of an accelerating trend.” [that would be the end of the ice-age 9,000 years ago]

“In sum, the science does not support claims of drastic increases in global temperatures over the 21st century, nor does it support claims of human influence on weather events and other secondary effects of climate change.”

Not [currently] the Delaware State climatologist and repeatedly told not to refer to that title by the Governor Ruth Ann Minner. The conflict between the post as representing the State and the Science and personal views is highlighted in this link. Currently a geography professor, ardent skeptic of AGW. Being one of only a few scientists that are skeptical and a minority opinion the few papers he has produced are superseded by the thousands of other papers. He may have a point but I would not trust a scientist that backs up his argument for intelligent design.

“We believe Earth and its ecosystems — created by God’s intelligent design and infinite power and sustained by His faithful providence — are robust, resilient, self-regulating, and self-correcting, admirably suited for human flourishing, and displaying His glory. Earth’s climate system is no exception.”

Hardly the opinion of someone who looks at the evidence.

More on Legates and for a critque of his 2006 paper read this – the statement that the ice age ended 20,000 ears ago is a classic.

  1. The present day scientific analysis of climate change states that there are no ‘spatial’ influences that can effect climate change. Recent NASA science has identified a significant spatial source of climate forcing. On the website http://www.whyclimatechange.net/ I provide scientifically based proof of spatial climate change influences using NASA, NOAA, and many other respected scientific resources. This phenomenon is occurring within the same time frame as the industrial revolution while defining jet stream behavior, climate change without extreme earth temperature variations, and the temporary transfer of ice from the Arctic to the Antarctic regions.

    Atmospheric studies are crucial to understanding mankind’s ability to alter earth’s climate; however, to understand the primary spatial cause of the present day climate changes, as well as the atmospheric causes and the atmospheres ability to compensate for mankind’s abuses, the research priorities must to be expanded.

    I would very much appreciate your comments on my eight year study that supports the analysis as posted. My goal is to have the scientific community develop an expanded scope of climate change research that encompasses the primary spatial cause of climate change. Any suggestions, references, or comments to help me reach that goal would be very much appreciated. The expanded, and therefore more scientific approach to the analysis, is essential to understanding climate change. The humanitarian and financial implications are enormous. Rather than being captured in the politics of the myopic atmospheric approach; a sound scientifically developed program that identifies the true spatial cause of climate change provides better science and political arguments.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

  2. justanotherpersonii

    I have no idea what you mean by “not the Delaware State Climatologist”. Unless dozens of Archive.org entries are wrong, (such as this one: https://web.archive.org/web/20070915160152/http://www.stateclimate.org/state.php?state_id=DE ) Dr. Legates most definitely was the Delaware State Climatologist.

    ED- Note, the issue of Legates role has been tidied up- the position of ‘State Climatologist’ is given by the Dean of the Earth Science dept, the State however did not want its policy and position on climate science to be undermined and asked him not to use the title when representing the State.

    • justanotherpersonii

      I see, it is understandable that a liberal Delaware wouldn’t want their position on climate science and change “undermined”, as you say. Thank you for the clarification.

  3. kenny9876

    What a ridulous site. To call anyone a “climate denier” reveals a depth of ignorance and political posturing inimical to the pursuit of honest science. This is pure global warming religion propaganda. “Climate change” is just an awkward euphemism for global warming because the earth stopped warming for all intents and purposes 20 years ago. There is hardly anone who denies that the climate changes. The questions are: (1) how much in the warming? (2) is it enough to cause any deleterious effects on the earth; (3) what are the causative factors? and (4) is it worth upending our fossil fuel-driven economies for? The answers are clearly: very little, certainly not, overwhelingly natural factors, and hell no, are you nuts.

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