Harold Ambler

Harold Ambler. Who? Harold is an expert in climate science with an English Lit M.A. and a specialist in Beckett. His qualifications in everything but science can be found on his Linkedin page he is also a house husband [nothing wrong with that].

He produced one blog entry for the Huffington Post way back in 2009 that is probably an example of the very worst/best example in arguing that AGW is a hoax. Huffington Post blog article. The article drew more criticism for the Huff for choosing such a misinformed writer rather than simply providing a ‘skeptic’ voice. See here for Climate Crock of the Week entry. and a follow up article by staff writers at Huffington Post apologising and correcting the blog. [Huffington Post response]. The claim that he also wrote for the Wall St Journal is that the same post was reposted on their website.

Harold runs the blog     talkingabouttheweather.wordpress.com  with the strap line-

Climate change” is based on a lie: that climate used to be both stable and gentle. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

and a blog which runs the usual Denial memes and cites such experts as the discredited ‘scientist’ Dr. Nils-Axel Morner who was caught photoshoping a photo ‘proving’ the Maldives were not slowly sinking.
Wrote Don’t Sell Your Coat which follows the ‘sun did it’ ‘the ice age is coming’ blah blah.  with the review
“You don’t need to be a right-wing SOB to think that ‘man made global warming’ is an Enron-style scam. Harold Ambler is a card-carrying liberal and he thinks so, too. He’s also very funny. Buy this book!” – James Delingpole, author ofWatermelons: The Green Movement’s True Colors

  1. This is the 1st and most frequent reason for avoiding food.

  2. Brian Borders

    Don’t forget: Al Gore, divinity school, politician. Senators Barbara Boxer, Ed Markey; Charlie Rose, Scott Pelley from CBS News…I could go on. None of them are “Climate Scientists”. Leo DiCaprio, Barbra Streisand, Mark Ruffalo…then there’s me. I certainly should not be expressing an opinion on the Settled Science, because it’s, um, settled.

  3. OK, well, just for fun: In the HuffPo piece and on my blog and above all in my book there are several hundred facts, which were carefully researched. Would you be able to correct any of them? Here are a few (maybe start with them?):

    1. The Holocene is the coolest interglacial of the last five, roughly 2 degrees Celsius cooler than the Eemian, with sea level 4 to 6 meters lower than during the Eemian.
    2. Within the Holocene, Earth has been cooling over the course of the last 7,000 years.
    3. Antarctic sea ice has steadily risen during the period of satellite measurement that began 40 years ago.
    4. Global sea ice has been near (or above) the zero anomaly line for roughly two years.

    Facts are facts – can we agree on that?

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