Richard D North

Richard D North, not to be confused with Richard North who co writes and hangs out with Christopher Booker, isn’t really a climate change denier, he is perhaps honourably, a climate change sceptic.  He is right wing, he has little respect for green politics but he makes intelligent arguments and his writings are critical of the extremes of climate denialists.

highly recommended [although you don’t have to agree with his views ] as a genuine sceptic. His blog is here.

“Lord Lawson and Benny Peiser are bonny climate change policy warriors but they have perhaps made a strategic error in lining-up climate (or AGW) deniers for their new think-tank.

I admire Benny Peiser’s devotion to the cause of climate change debate, and Lord Lawson’s book (An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming) was a very interesting discussion of climate change policy. Their new foundation could have done marvellous work exposing the intellectual, moral, political and economic weaknesses in much (almost all) public utterance and policy in this field. They would have had a large if minority audience, and a good deal of support, not least from serious players.

Instead, they have chosen to fall into bed with all sorts of  people who deny or doubt the science surrounding AGW (anthropogenic climate change). In doing so, they alienate almost all the concerned and interested people in the country. David Aaronovitch of The Times has already weighed-in in terms which the GWPF could easily have avoided. Politicians, for instance, will doubtless learn from the foundation in private, but they’ll have to hold their noses and make sure they distance themselves from their educators.”

also a review of Ian Plimer’s book

“The latest climate change row concerns a book by the “denier”, Ian Plimer (an Australian geologist) and its most public critic, climate “alarmist”, George Monbiot (of the Guardian). George seems to be winning hands-down at the moment. It happens that another Australian, Garth Paltridge, has also produced a climate change book, and it is sceptical rather than refusenik. I hope my review of the books, below, shows how they are both bad.”


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