Dr Norman Page

Dr Norman Page-  an oil consultant with a  PhD, in Geology at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. [so many geologists are turning up a new category has been added just for them]. Why are fossil fuel geologists so sceptical?

Has guest post with WUWT

Cooling will kick in by

The peak is broad with only a little cooling to date but this will likely accelerate from 2015 or 2016 on reflecting the beginning of the increase  in the cosmic ray count already seen   from 2004  – 2009 in Fig 6. The cooling will last until 2030- 2040. Often the signal for a climate direction change is a see saw effect between Arctic and Antarctic sea ice. The Arctic is still reflecting the peak in the warming  trend with low summer ice values.
The first indication of a cooling event is however the increase in Antarctic sea ice which has already occurred.

The article is round up of – the ice-age is coming- the Sun is less active [but was really active in the 90s]- cosmic rays- blah blah. And this despite another Geologist saying much the same thing just 3 months earlier on WUWT when David Archibald asks the question- When will it get cooler?

Norman’s predictions of impending cold are also mentioned at Climate Depot [June 2010] advising-

There is no threat from the burning of fossil fuels for the forseeable future, indeed an increase in CO2 would positively help in feeding the burgeoning population.

For the next 20 years climate science should be devoted to improving and enlarging the entire climate data base in particular with regard to solar data of all kinds. No climate model runs should be made until 2025 by which time the inputs will hopefully be more relevant to the real world.

The quick answer why it is not cooling can be found here.

If you want more cooling go to Norman’s blog

Norman Page is pretty low down with only  2 articles, but this page will be here in 3- 4 -5 years time just to see those predictions come true.

  1. wellwell

    The winter of 2013-2014 has already proven him right!

  2. As someone who spent 31 years working in climatology and meteorology with the Canadian MSC, and having read Page’s posts, I would conclude that he is eminently sensible. The range of feedbacks and variations in various solar forcings ignored or underestimated by the IPCC have clearly resulted in their totally missing the current hiatus in warming and what appears to be the beginning of cooling. Dr. Page’s insights (and that of many others you choose to demean) provide a compelling explanation of what we are presently observing. The IPCC has never provided sound physical evidence for their estimate of earth’s sensitivity to CO2 or even that CO2 amplification is real. Estimating the nature and magnitude of the amplification is at the heart of the debate and the unfolding reversal of global temperature trends is giving the lie to the IPCC estimates. It’s past time that we begin basing our science on observations first, and the observational record ungridded simply does not support the IPCC assertions. Dr. Page is closer to the truth. The IPCC reliance on modelling first is simply not science.

  3. wellwell
    That’s the problem with using one year to claim a “trend” … it comes back to bite you.

  4. Freddy Boom-Boom

    Your “denier list” looks like a who’s who of those that understand scientific rigor and the critical importance of setting accurate and honest degrees of confidence into their work when studying wildly complex (and hardly understood) systems like the Earth’s Climate System. But I suppose for the anxious and the fearful; for the gullible, the political and scientifically illiterate, such a negative epithet aids mightily in advancing your ideological & religious fanaticism. As such: I commit that I will highlight and distribute the quality work of anyone on this list to the utmost of my ability to do so. I commit to making sure that intellectually honest , respectful dialogue on the various disagreements between experts in this field are had and shared as widely as possible. Lastly I commit to awareness, not only of these scholars and their very valid disagreements, but to exposing those political and ideological elements in society that seek to work against science and human progress through their attempts to smear, intimidate and silence true scientific process, honesty and rigor. Thanks for waking me up denier list blog!

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