Dr. David Stockwell

Dr. David Stockwell (Ecological Modeler) who has published research articles on climate change in international journals, author of a 2006 book on “niche modeling”. After receiving his Ph.D. degree in Ecosystem Dynamics from the Australian National University in 1992, he worked as a consultant until moving to the San Diego Supercomputer Center at University of California San Diego in 1997. There he continued his work developing computational and data intensive methods of ecological niche modelling using museum collections data.

“The increase in temperature due to the greenhouse effect has a maximum. At this maximum, additional greenhouse gas absorbers do not increase the temperature to the limits detectable in this setup.”

“Two claims made in the IPCC Chapter 3 Section 3.4 p40 of WG1 are obviously false.”

“My position is that anthropogenic global warming is an artifact of dodgy modeling and statistics. All of my publications discrediting extreme claims have been vindicated. (Many more claims of AGW have been discredited, these are just mine.)” Clearly if they were vindicated it would change scientific thinking, what he actually means is that criticisms of other papers i.e. peer-review, has led to corrections being made.- not the abandonment of scientific theory.

His Blog

despite being extremely critical of AGW has joint authored papers such as

BioScience 57(3):227-236. 2007
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1641/B570306

Forecasting the Effects of Global Warming on Biodiversity

Although most papers are on ecology [computer] modelling a few delve into climate science such as

Key Evidence for the Accumulative Model of High Solar Influence on Global Temperature

Authors: David R.B. Stockwell

Here we present three key pieces of empirical evidence for a solar origin of recent and paleoclimate global temperature change, caused by amplification of forcings over time by the accumulation of heat in the ocean. Firstly, variations in global temperature at all time scales are more correlated with the accumulated solar anomaly than with direct solar radiation. Secondly, accumulated solar anomaly and sunspot count fits the global temperature from 1900, including the rapid increase in temperature since 1950, and the flat temperature since the turn of the century. The third, crucial piece of evidence is a 90$^{\circ}$ shift in the phase of the response of temperature to the 11 year solar cycle. These results, together with previous physical justifications, show that the accumulation of solar anomaly is a viable explanation for climate change without recourse to changes in heat-trapping greenhouse gasses.http://vixra.org/pdf/1108.0032v1.pdf

Except the temperature has still increased despite decreased solar radiation. None the less one of the few sceptics with real and appropriate qualifications.

UPDATE- Guest Post on WUWT [instant fail!]

The validity of the homogenization process is also being challenged in a talk I am giving shortly in Sydney, at the annual conference of the Australian Environment Foundation on the 30th of October 2012, based on a manuscript uploaded to the viXra archive, called “Is Temperature or the Temperature Record Rising?”

The Australian Environment Foundation is a skeptic front organisation.

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