Tim Ball

Dr Tim Ball climatology professor emeritus University of Winnipeg, except he has a phd in historical geography and is no longer a professor. giving up his post in 1996.

 “Even if CO2 concentration doubles or triples, the effect on temperature would be minimal. The relationship between temperature and CO2 is like painting a window black to block sunlight. The first coat blocks most of the light. Second and third coats reduce very little more. Current CO2 levels are like the first coat of black paint,” Ball explained.

Dr Ball also explains the phenomenon where cloudless summer skies in hot countries can allow extremely hot conditions in the daytime giving way to temperatures below freezing at night. This demonstrates the power of water vapour and  cloud /  absence of cloud, which is not compensated for to any great extent by the ever-present CO2 (CO2 currently 390 ppmv – water vapour: 10,000 ppmv).


most recent peer-reviewed article on climate change was published in 1986, titled “Historical evidence and climatic implications of a shift in the boreal forest tundra transition in central Canada.”

Works for a number of sceptic climate lobby ‘thinktanks’ and groups with the word ‘environment’ or ‘science’ in it.

A founding member of a  PROM publication/website [2011]- Principia Scientific International for climate deniers and wannabe scientists. How does it work-

This is achieved by publishing a draft proposal of a submitted science paper onto our website. This is normally done after a preliminary internal review by our reviewing team to ensure elementary due diligence.

Then the submitted paper shall appear on the PSI website in the form of a PROM draft paper inviting comments from our list of select readers (PSI members notified by email), as well as (on select occasions) by way of a press release statement.

The paper will be open to public review as a PROM PAPER for a period of approximately one month. Upon feedback received after public review the PSI internal reviewers will re-assess the paper taking into account any such comments they believe are valid. They will then recommend, and PSI shall authorize, either publication of the paper in full with the PSI full seal of approval; or we will suggest revisions so that the author may make appropriate amendments. At this stage PSI will then either publish in full or advise at the discretion of PSI, re-submission into the PROM system to repeat the review process.

Basically- write a paper critical of AGW, give it to this ‘peer-review e-journal’ who will review it favourably if it is anti-AGW and then members of the public can review it.

A complete list and qualifications of founders, staff and contributors can be found here

Skeptical Science dismantle one of their peer-reviewed works here.


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