Dr. Richard Keen

Dr. Richard Keen lecturer in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado, has worked with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, specializes in volcanic aerosols and climate change studies.

“Earth has cooled since 1998 in defiance of the predictions by the UN-IPCC.”

“The global temperature for 2007 was the coldest in a decade.”

Keen is the lowest rank of ‘instuctor’ at the University in the meteorology department. Keen’s quiz and arguments are extremely suspect going beyond just cherry picking but going out to mis-inform. To conclude that there is in fact global cooling is a very odd position to take.




  1. Steve

    I saw him as a featured speaker on an astronomy cruise. He talked a lot about how changes in solar output explained changes in climate. His presentations had a lot of good content about measurement of the Sun, which made it more difficult to sort out the climate-change-denial nonsense. At one point in the lecture, he claimed that he wasn’t going to talk about human-origin climate change other than to say it’s a matter of much controversy. That in itself is denial-ism, since there’s no real controversy among serious climate scientists.

    In the portions of the presentations that dealt with climate change, it appeared that he had started from a conclusion (human-origin greenhouse gases don’t materially affect the climate) and seeking data that point to that conclusion (we’re measuring solar flux wrong, and that explains climate change better).

    It’s unfortunate that, thanks to his legitimate credentials as a meteorologist (a field similar enough to climate science to confuse some people) and hobby astronomer, he was given a platform to spout his nonsense too.

    • scientist5

      I am a manmade global warming climate denier. I am also a scientist who has researched climate change for the past 5 years after having been actively engaged as a geologist/petroleum engineer in the petroleum industry for 60 years. The climate quacks are those who think CO2 is instrumental in climate change, that fossil fuels must immediately be replaced by biofuels. Man should protect the environment in any case, but he cannot affect the Earth’s cycles, nor the movement of the tectonic plates. Lastly, climate models have misled the public – they are notoriously wrong.
      I am part of a study group made up of about 50 retired NASA scientist and engineers, 9 astronauts, and outsiders like me.

      • Tectonic plates?

        You obviously have done your ‘research’!!

        • Howard Lowe

          As another petroleum engineer/geologist, I have also spent almost 7 years researching climate change. I agree with your conclusions 100%. I wrote a book – Beyond Our Control – Debunking Manmade Global Warming. I continue my research. For five years I was a member of the Right Climate Stuff Research Team – a group of retired engineers and scientists who have spent a decade collectively researching climate.
          Howard R. Lowe (Retired Professional Engineer and Certified Petroleum Geologist.

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  3. Interesting to read this past note and comments. I’d like to know how Dr. Keen is viewed by Dr. Jeffrey Bennett who’s view is exactly opposite with regard to global warming.

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