Dave Middleton

Dave Middleton. BS in Earth Science (Geology concentration) a geoscientist in the oil industry blogger with http://debunkhouse.wordpress.com/about/ very low down but writes articles for other blogs.

Rather like his entry concerning the greentards-


It doesn’t matter how much energy it takes to extract, refine and transport fossil fuels. EROEI (Energy Returned on Energy Invested) is even dopier than AGW and Peak Oil. I don’t spend energy to fill my tank. I don’t give energy back to the gas & electric companies in exchange for them being nice enough to heat and light my home. My company doesn’t drill for oil & gas to make energy.

I spend money to fill my tank. My company drills wells for oil & gas to make money. My gas & electric bills are paid for with money. My pay check, ExxonMobil & Shell credit card statements and checks to the gas & electric companies aren’t denominated in joules, kilowatts or btu – They are denominated in $.

I don’t give a rat’s @$$ if 1 barrel of amoeba farts uses less energy to produce than 1 barrel of crude oil… Because the barrel of amoeba farts costs $1,100 and can’t be produced in sufficient quantities to be waiting for me at the Exxon or Shell station when I need it.

If oil companies (or any businesses) used EROEI to guide their investment decisions, they would go out of business (unless the gov’t was footing the bill).

And, for that matter, most fossil fuels actually have better EROEI than most alternative sources do.

Oil, natural gas and coal are concentrated biofuels. They represent thousands to millions of years of condensed solar energy

As you can see the most energy efficient are Hydro- followed by coal- with Wind catching up and even solar panels competing with oil discoveries.

Guest Post WUWT on hurricane Sandy- which is just normal. Of course when you need an expert on hurricanes you naturally turn to geologists.


  1. David Middleton

    That’s it?

    “Very low down but writes articles for other blogs”?

    Makes me feel like Earth in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,,, Mostly harmless.

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