Andrew William Montford

Andrew William Montford is an English writer and editor who is the owner of the Bishop Hill blog He is the author of The Hockey Stick Illusion (2010)

In an interview with Bruce Robbins in The Courier Montford said, “I believe that CO2, other things being equal, will make the planet warmer. The six million dollar question is how much warmer. I’m less of a sceptic than people think. My gut feeling is still sceptical but I don’t believe it’s beyond the realms of possibility that the AGW hypothesis might be correct. It’s more the case that we don’t know and I haven’t seen anything credible to persuade me there’s a problem.” Despite this the blog tends towards denial.

He wrote an attack- report on the bias of the Royal Society and Paul Nurse for the small fee of a few £1000 for Lord Lawson’s The Global Warming Policy Foundation


  1. Joanna

    I suppose you know how little the tone taken by this and other AGW sites does for your cause. Phrases like ” notorious deniers” makes it sound as if you have no arguments of scientific merit and are reduced to slinging insults. Why not grow up and engage in civilized debate? It would make it a lot easier to take your discussions seriously.

    ED Note. Please read ‘about’ page. Denial of accepted facts and scientific theory is the difference between sceptics and denial.

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